Board & Staff


Executive Director, Tane Beecham –
Administrative Assistant, Beth Mulhern –
Curator, Rachel Ramirez –

Board of Directors

Charlie Shabica, President
Anne Bahan
Brooke Bechtold
Amy Capocchi
Joan Conlisk
Layla Danley
Paige Dooley
Harry Grace
Nan Greenough
Bob Henner
Louise Holland
Phil Hoza
Justine Hourihane
Christine Murdoch
Jude Offerle
Patty Sanfilippo
Sally Schneiders
Ann Smith
Marcia Sutter
Michelle Sweeney
Peter Tyor
Mary Ward
Helen Weaver

Sustainer Board

Beth Anaclerio
Barb Aquilino
Nancy Behles
Bean Carroll
Maureen Mitchel Coblentz
Susan Curry
Nancy Davis
Elsa DeJaegher
Joan Evanich
Cindy Fuller
Betsy Hammond
Mary Happ
Becky Hurley
Nancy Judge
Anne Kelly
Betsy Landes
Penny Lanphier
Betsy Meuer
Luvie Myers
Liz Nesler
Jan Pavlovic
Cynthia Peters
Laurie Petersen
Susan Crowe Whitcomb
Sally Wille
Nancy Yurek

Interested in becoming a board member? Contact Tane Beecham at or 847-446-0001.  She will discuss the purpose of the board, the benefits of board membership, when they meet, and answer any questions you may have.

To inquire about volunteering, see our Volunteers page.