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The Adventurers Exhibit Grand Opening

Thanks to all our dedicated volunteer researchers and visitors who made the opening of our new exhibit: The Adventurers:  Winnetka’s Untold Tales of Travel, 1899-1927. The exhibit features five enterprising expeditions of Winnetkans motivated by humanitarian needs, business interests, artistic inspiration, and intellectual curiosity.  Taken in the first quarter of the 20th century, these journeys […]

WHS Log House Holiday flyer

Holiday at the Log House

Sunday, December 8 from 1:00 – 4:00 PM 1140 Willow Rd, at the Crow Island Woods Step back into a bygone era for some old-fashioned fun! Tour our c. 1837 Log House Hear tales from our costumed docents Enjoy free crafts and holiday treats Meet Silhouette Artist Cassidy Alexander! Nationally known silhouette artist Cassidy Alexander […]


WHS Awarded CAP Grant

Heritage Preservation is pleased to announce the Winnetka Historical Society (WHS) has been chosen to participate in the 2013 Conservation Assessment Program (CAP).  The Winnetka Historical Society joins the 2,800 museums that have participated in CAP in its twenty-two year history. CAP is supported through a cooperative agreement with the federal Institute of Museum and […]

Making news in 1911

Appeared in the Gazette: Spring 1999 These excerpts from a Winnetka Village Council pamphlet offer some insights into the operation of a modern community, c. 1911: “A horse fire department can leave the Village Hall in one minute. Formerly a reward was offered to anyone in town who could first find a horse, run it […]

Contact 411: A Fitting Title

It’s very fitting that the address of the Winnetka Historical Society on Linden Ave. is 411. The Society is the place to visit (or contact) for information on the history and architecture of the Village. Thousands of documents, photographs, costumes, and three-dimensional artifacts tell the stories of the people, organizations and schools, businesses, houses of […]

Winnetka: What’s in a Name?

Gazette Article by: Steve Adams Appeared in the Gazette: Fall/Winter 2006 A search of other U.S. communities named “Winnetka” results in Winnetka, Calif. and Winnetka Heights, Texas. That raises the question of how these towns were named and what, if any, connection they have to Winnetka, Ill.. Winnetka, California Born on a farm near Wabash, […]

Winnetka Story – Interview with John Newcombe

On a cold day in December 2007, writer and filmmaker John Newcombe knocked on the door of the Winnetka Historical Society at 411 Linden Street. His mission: to write, edit and produce a documentary on the history of Winnetka. John grew up in Winnetka; the seventh of eight children, he attended Faith, Hope and Charity […]

Contact 411: The Rogers Family

My great-grandmother was Anita Willets-Burnham and I remember visiting the log house years ago. Could you please show our family the house when we visit Winnetka? –Karen Rogers, Texas On a sunny day this summer, the Rogers family arrived from Texas to see their ancestor’s home, our very own Schmidt-Burnham Log House. Karen Rogers is […]

From the Curator: Fall 2010

Gazette Column by Katie Macica, Curator Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 2010 Curatorial Nitty Gritty Thanks to the hard work of our intrepid summer interns, Caroline Whitcomb and Jack Grasso, the majority of the Burnham collection is finally processed!  When WHS acquired the Schmidt-Burnham Log House from the Burnham family in 2003, we also obtained […]