Wish List


(Updated continually)

Schmidt-Burnham Log House Chinking

  • $1,250 funded – $2,750 left to go!

Collections Preservation Supplies

With all of the significant material culture we have collected and house at 411 Linden, we’re running out of shelf space!  Help us buy a few more lightweight shelves to properly protect  accessioned books and small artifacts located in the upstairs rooms of the Museum.

  • 3 funded, need 2 more – $250 per shelf

Costume Collection Off-site Storage

Due to the immense size of our 4,000+ items costume collection and our limited storage space at the Museum at 411 Linden, we currently house our costume collection in a climate and pest controlled off-site facility. We are actively seeking a donor to help us keep our collection in this top-rate facility, to avoid the damage that would occur if we were to move the collection to a cheaper, non-climate controlled facility.

  • Off-site costume storage (one month) – $250
  • Off-site costume storage (one year)     – $3,000

Recently funded wishes:

  • Adobe Creative Suite License for Non-profits for creating marketing materials, exhibit media, and editing photographs
  • Digital SLR Camera for cataloging museum objects and to document WHS events
  • Plants for the Log House Historical Garden; Blueprints preservation supplies
  • Funding toward a collections inventory project
  • Funding toward creating a digital historical map of Winnetka