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Curator's Cache: A Token of Love

Curator’s Cache: A Token of Love

Valentine’s Day Cards, c.1880.  Winnetkan Susan Garland received these cards sometime in the 1880s.  While valentines were still sent to romantic loves, in the 1800s, people began to send greetings to a larger circle of loved ones or friends. Victorian valentines were often hand-decorated with ribbon, lace, or sometimes feathers and real plants and flowers. These valentines […]

Regretting Mr. Wright: 2012 Annual Meeting

Regretting Mr. Wright: Mamah Tells Her Own Story Mamah Borthwick Cheney and Frank Lloyd Wright fell in love. They were both married to other people and had eight children to care for between them. Flaunting all social mores of their time and abandoning their obligations, they ran off together. They spent time in Europe and […]