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1890s | Talented Tailor

Talented Tailor The spectacle of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition held in Chicago drew visitors from around the world. Winnetka’s own tailor, Frank Heinig, owned a farm-like property on Green Bay Road. He submitted this innovative and award-winning “Promenade Suit and Overcoat” which was acclaimed for its “originality” and “skill in workmanship.”

HP books

2000s | A Spell is Cast

A Spell is Cast When author J.K. Rowling visited Winnetka at the height of “Harry Potter fever,” the line to see her stretched around the block on Elm Street. The Book Stall hosted a book signing “all-nighter” and attendees made such a ruckus that complaining neighbors called the police! Rowling signed her name to 2000 […]

Mother Goose puppet

1990s | Circle of Giving

Circle of Giving Julie Hall (1933-2016) began teaching at North Shore Country Day School in 1976. She became the first female Head of School in 1993. Reading to Lower School students as “Mother Goose” was just one way Hall contributed to this circle of giving, impacting thousands of young people during her long career. 

Caro Nan Basket

1970s | Trendsetting Winnetka

Trendsetting Winnetka Carolyn McDaniel and Nancy Steele, the duo behind Caro Nan, built a company which created these picnic style baskets turned into purses. Though located in Jacksonville, Mississippi, they designed bags for customers across the country, including this one for Winnetkans. The local shops illustrated on the side include Minna Hart, which commissioned and […]

Game of Winnetka

1980s | Wheeling and Dealing

Wheelin’ and Dealin’ The Game of Winnetka, also called Wheeler-Dealer, is a Monopoly-style game featuring local businesses. It was sponsored by the Winnetka Youth Organization (WYO). Proceeds from the sales supported WYO. “We’re there when Winnetka’s young people need us,” their brochure proclaimed, and they still are. WYO has been supporting youth since 1966.

Farrier Knife

1930s | Old Jim the Workhorse

Old Jim the Workhorse This tool was used to trim Old Jim’s hooves. The hardworking horse needed the care; he never took a day off. From 1936 to the end of the decade, he held the last dray horse license in the Village of Winnetka. Autos had largely replaced horses in daily life, but the […]

Railroad Lamp

1910s | All Aboard!

All Aboard! The railway through Winnetka transformed the village into a modern suburb by making daily commutes in and out of urban Chicago easy and reliable. Although accidents were not uncommon before the 1943 track depression, these signal lamps made rail travel safer. Their “non-sweating” function increased safety by eliminating moisture and ice from accumulating […]

Two bricks

1870s | Winnetka’s Building Blocks

Winnetka’s Building Blocks Before Winnetka’s founding, Artemas Carter developed a plan to create a great university here, which he would call Academy Hall. In order to establish the school, Carter and fellow founding fathers drafted the charter to incorporate the village on March 10, 1869. The 1870 building was built of handmade yellow-colored bricks, known […]

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John Nash Ott Digitization

  What do Walt Disney and Winnetka have in common? John Nash Ott! Dr. Ott, who was a native Winnetkan for many decades, was a talented photographer, cinematographer, botanist and inventor. He is credited with developing the process we know today as time-lapse photography, and spent decades studying light and its effects on plant growth […]