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The Golden Thread book.

Ends of the Earth

Originally appeared in the Fall/Winter 2022 Gazette by Holly Marihugh Sister Peggy McDonnell worked for more than 25 years in Winnetka, guiding community members through their end-of-life decisions. As a nurse and medical ethicist, Sister Peggy developed a 10-step process to help Winnetkans navigate this final passage, and she’s written a new book, The Golden […]

Former Village Toy Shop owners Pat and
Liz Berwanger, 2015. (Photo courtesy of
Liz Berwanger)

Winnetka’s First Toy Store

Originally appeared in the Fall/Winter 2021 Gazette, By Meagan McChesney. Few local businesses have held such fond memories for children growing up in Winnetka as the Village Toy Shop. For over 70 years, the store was a staple in the Village, providing the only one-stop shop for classic and new toys, free polka dot gift […]


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