Winnetka’s Clubs and Organizations


The Winnetka Women’s Club on the corner of Oak and Maple, c. 1925. This building was demolished in 2015.

The Winnetka Women’s Club
Founded in 1908, the Winnetka Women’s Club is one of the Village’s longest-running organizations. In its early years, the Club focused on educating and entertaining women through a variety of programs. Throughout its history, the Club has hosted several notable speakers, including educator Carleton Washburne, artist Anita Willets-Burnham, landscape architect Jens Jensen, and time-lapse photographer John Nash Ott. Read more about how the Women’s Club has both persisted and changed over time. READ HERE!


The Rotary Club of Winnetka sign on the corner of Elm and Green Bay, c. 1970.

The Rotary Club of Winnetka-Northfield
Since its first meeting at the Community House in 1924, the Rotary Club of Winnetka (now the Rotary Club of Winnetka-Northfield) has offered service-focused Winnetkans opportunities to learn, network, and participate in various charitable efforts. Over its nearly century-long history, the Rotary Club has participated in environmental projects, raised funding for literacy programs, and supported organizations like the Winnetka Historical Society. Learn more about Rotary Club’s decades of support for organizations and causes both locally and beyond. LEARN MORE!


Image of one of the first exhibits of the North Shore Art League, 1925.

North Shore Art League
For 97 years, the North Shore Art League has been a fixture on Chicagoland’s art scene. In its early years, the League hosted several notable artists in its studio, such as Franz Schulze and LeRoy Neiman, and collaborated with renowned institutions like the Art Institute of Chicago. While membership declined in the late 20th century, a group of motivated art lovers worked hard to save the League in the early 2000s. Now, this organization is thriving once again. Read more about the history of the North Shore Art League and those who have kept it going today. CLICK HERE!


Winnetka’s first Boy Scout Troop, Troop 1, c. 1912.

Boy and Girl Scouts of Winnetka
The first Winnetka Boy Scout troop, Troop 1, was established in 1911, a year after the Boy Scouts of America was first chartered. While the troop name was changed to Troop 18 after World War II, the Scout’s commitment to service, integrity, and personal growth has not wavered. Similarly, the North Shore Girl Scouts (formerly the New Trier Girl Scouts), established in 1928, have remained committed to the organization’s founding ideals. Just this past year, the local troops delivered holiday gifts to several Chicagoland families in need. Learn more about the history of these two impressive youth organizations. READ HERE!


The Winnetka Cycling Club, c. 1900.

Photo Gallery: Winnetka Clubs and Organizations Through the Years
From the Winnetka Literary Club, founded in 1875, to the 100 year-old Winnetka Fortnightly, the Village has been home to an impressive number of clubs and organizations. Scroll through the photo gallery to see images of Winnetka’s many historic clubs and organizations. LOOK HERE!

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