Creative Minds: Winnetka Women in the Arts

Anita Willets Burnham

Anita Willets-Burnham, c.1940

Well-known to Winnetkans as a longtime resident of the Schmidt-Burnham Log House, Anita Willets Burnham was an exceptional woman and artist who wore many hats throughout her life. In addition to writing the quirky travel book Round the World on a Penny, Anita was a talented artist who studied, taught, and exhibited at several notable galleries, including the Art Institute of Chicago. Click Here! and Here! to read more about Anita’s family, travels, artistic endeavors, and one-of-a-kind character.

Olive Beaupré Miller

Olive Beaupré Miller, 1898

Are you a “Bookhouse baby”? For the thousands of Americans who answer “yes,” Olive Beaupré Miller likely needs little introduction. While best-known for her ever-popular Bookhouse series, Olive published a variety of poems and stories throughout her life. Learn more about Olive’s interesting upbringing, her creative writing process, and how she founded a publishing company that, even in the 1920s, employed a predominantly female staff. Learn More!

Pauline Dohn Rudolph 

Pauline Dohn Rudolph, 1925

Growing up in a house full of artists, Pauline Dohn Rudolph was destined to follow suit. At only 13 years old, Pauline started her artistic career as a student at the Art Institute of Chicago. Just one decade after graduating, she made history when she exhibited an oil painting in the Fine Arts Palace at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. Learn more about Pauline’s art and why the Chicago Tribune named her “one of the best-known of the women artists of the West.”
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Marion Mahony Griffin 

Marion Mahoney Griffin, no date

Marion Mahony Griffin is known worldwide as the first licensed female architect in history. Marion started her career working with Frank Lloyd Wright and is considered one of the original Prairie School architects. She later went on to marry and work alongside famed architect and fellow alum of Wright’s studio, Walter Burley Griffin. Learn more Marion’s exceptional and groundbreaking career. Click Here!