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Hadley: A Shining Light for 100 Years

Hadley has helped thousands of blind and visually impaired individuals learn tools to improve their work and personal lives. Learn more about the development of Hadley and how it contributed to Winnetka’s history.

Winnetka’s Shoreline 

Explore the history of Winnetka’s popular shoreline and what’s being done to save our village’s beautiful beaches.

Honoring Winnetka’s Veterans WWI & WWII

Discover how the war affected people in Winnetka and across the United States, as well as how the community participated in the war effort, both at home and overseas.

Coming Together

See how Winnetkan’s have come together during the Influenza epidemic of 1918 and during the Coronavirus of 2020.

Skokie Lagoons &
Winnetka Future 2040

Explore how this unique man-made nature preserve was created and has changed over time. Also learn how Winnetka created a progressive engine of change in comprehensive village planning. 

Spring is Here!

Discover why Winnetka’s trendsetters chose their bonnets and see how the styles changed over time.

Fearless Firefighter
& Winnetka’s Progressive Era

Glean insights into the history of the Winnetka Fire Brigade and learn how Winnetka was transformed from a sleepy rural village into a forward-looking, modern suburb.