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North Shore Art League exhibit, 1925.


Cultivating Creativity: Winnetka’s Artistic Organizations

Throughout its long history, Winnetka has had many creative organizations. The North Shore Art League, the Children’s Theatre of Winnetka, and the Winnetka Fortnightly – have stood the test of time and are still cultivating creativity today. Learn more about these historic organizations and the impact they’ve had on the village. CLICK HERE!

Imaginative Individuals

Winnetkans have displayed talents in a number of different artistic arenas with much success. Learn more about the varied creative endeavors of artists Herman and Willa Menzel, photographer Eliot Porter, painter Fairfield Porter, sculptor and architect Charles Haag, photographer David Plowden, and time-lapse photographer and inventor John Nash Ott. CLICK HERE!

Image of Eliot Porter at work, 1991. Credit New Mexico Magazine.

Winnetka Writers

Thanks to its creative organizations and education system, Winnetka has been home to many successful writers, including famed author of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Bill Martin, Jr., young adult and screenplay writer Elisa Bialk, educator and writer Carleton Washburne, and writer and biographer Caroline Harnsberger. Learn more about some of Winnetka’s most accomplished writers. CLICK HERE! 

Books by Carleton Washburne. 

Everyone’s Mark Twain by Caroline Harnsberger.


Creative Minds: Winnetka Women in the Arts

From artists to authors to architects, Winnetka has been home to many talented, creative women. Learn more about Anita Willets-Burnham and Pauline Dohn Rudolph’s long and impressive artistic careers, Olive Beaupré Miller’s influential writing career, and Marion Mahony Griffin’s world-renowned architectural designs. Learn more HERE!

Anita Willets-Burnham in her studio, c. 1930s.

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