Contact 411: Rock Hudson

Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 2009
Each issue of the Gazette includes a response from the Historical Society staff at 411 Linden to a research request received from the public.

I am writing from FLORIANFILM, a German film production company, producing a 90-minute documentary about Rock Hudson. As you certainly know, Winnetka is his place of birth and the town where he spent his childhood and youth. Therefore we really would like to feature the city and some of its representatives in our documentary. The film will be called Rock Hudson: Dark and Handsome Stranger and is for the high-quality, non-commercial arts channel ARTE TV and will be broadcast in 2010 in Europe and North America. We are searching for written memorabilia such as old newspaper articles, school yearbooks, former childhood and school friends of Rock Hudson, as we want for them to reminisce in front of the camera about their personal experiences and anecdotes with the late Hollywood star. – Anna Steuber

<img src=”images/38t.jpg” class = “left” />The documentary crew came to Winnetka for just one day in August and made the most of their time here. Curator Katie Macica pulled archival material including a snapshot, a questionnaire Rock Hudson filled out for the Winnetka Joint Committee on War Records, and period photographs of Winnetka. Laurie Petersen researched the many houses and apartments in which his family had lived and guided the film crew through town to shoot the locations. Patti Van Cleave discovered that Winnetka resident Suzanne Guyot had been a friend of his both in Winnetka and later in life, and the film’s director did an extensive on-camera interview with her.


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