Peter Butler, WHS Board President Using History to Make Connections

Appeared in the Gazette, Spring/Summer 2020

Spring is in the air. Maybe. If you live in Winnetka near the lake, spring is here one day, gone the next, maybe not to return until June. But regardless of the weather, spring breaks are upon us as is a new baseball season where all the teams are currently undefeated. We also know that spring will be a time when new memories are made, history will be written, and stories will be told in the years ahead. That’s what we do at the Winnetka Historical Society. Try to tell the stories of the past. Look back where the vision is the clearest and then bounce forward with anticipation and uncertainty of what tomorrow may bring.

To help share stories this year, we are thrilled to bring Mike Leonard to the Community House stage. Due to coronavirus precautions about large meetings, we had to postpone this event, but will announce a new date soon. Mike is an Emmy Award winning television journalist, New York Times best-selling author, filmmaker, and former 32-year NBC national network correspondent and regular contributor to the “Today Show.” He is a master storyteller, a passionate resident of Winnetka, and is more than ready to share his reflections on a town he loves dearly.

We also are looking forward to this year’s Gala at Kip and Sara Kirkpatrick’s wonderful home on the evening of June 13th. It is the social highlight of the year for us and one of the biggest sources of support for what we do. Please come for one of the most relaxing and enjoyable evenings in town this summer.

At the Historical Society, we try to capture the past and share history about the people who have brought pride to what we do locally and more broadly. We also try to use our history to make connections among us who live here and who we might otherwise not get to know. This is one of the reasons the Mike Leonard event and gala are so much fun—a time to mingle with old and new friends, something our busy calendars just don’t seem to let us do very often. Looking forward to seeing you at the Gala. — Peter Butler ■

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