Honoring Winnetka’s Veterans: WWI & WWII

Winnetkans During World War I
When America entered World War 1 in April 1917, women across the country were eager to do their part to help the war effort. Dr. Alice Barlow-Brown’s contribution to the war is particularly notable. After the military determined to exclude women from the Army Medical Reserve Corp, Dr. Barlow-Brown volunteered to travel abroad with the Red Cross. Read more about Dr. Barlow-Brown’s incredible service to her country and her hometown of Winnetka. Learn More! 

Dr. Alice Barlow-Brown, circa 1917

WWI Photo and Document Gallery: Discover how Winnetkans contributed to the Great War through these historic pictures, letters, newspaper clippings, and images from the Winnetka Historical Society’s exhibit, Winnetka Goes to War: 1917-1918. Click Here!

Winnetka and World War II
Explore the online version of the Winnetka Historical Society’s exhibit Serving on All Fronts: Winnetka and World War II to learn how the war affected people in Winnetka and across the United States, as well as how people from Winnetka participated in the war effort, both at home and overseas. Learn More! 

Gordon P. Smith, circa 1944 

WWII Photo and Document Gallery: Scroll through the gallery to learn more about Winnetka’s involvement in World War II. Click Here!

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