Winnetka Fire Department Firemen and Truck, 1915

Fire Department Photo Gallery

Winnetka Fire Department patch and fire engine instruction booklet for a 1919 fire engine. This engine was purchased when George Houren became the first professional fire chief of Winnetka.

The Hubbard Woods (Lakeside) fire department in 1900, situated at the Southwest corner of Green Bay Road (Linden) and Scott Ave. “Lakeside Hose Company” is written on the nameplate on the building.

Tin trumpet used by the Winnetka Fire Marshall. While this object doesn’t have any identifying marks, it is likely from the late 19th century (around 1875).

Winnetka Volunteer Fire Department with their hose cart in front of the Academy Hall Building circa 1900. The firemen in the back row, from left to right, are Peter Blasius, Harry Madsen, John Smith and August Bartz. In the front row, the firemen are Thomas Anderson, Charles Schroeder fire marshall, Henry Leach, Jack Schafehen, William Schultz, Mike Smith, Herman Carlitz and John Blasius.

Winnetka Fire Department hat that belonged to Harry John Madson. Circa 1920.

Clipping from the “Chicago Sunday Tribune,” August 1, 1909, of an article entitled “‘Ding Dong!’ Rings the Gong in Winnetka, While Pride and Chivalry Run with the Old Machine.” The article reports on the Winnetka Volunteer Fire Company and includes a cartoon of the volunteers running with their fire truck.

Volunteer firemen with the Winnetka Fire Department outside a fire at Carlton Prouty’s house, 705 Oak, in 1910. From left to right, the firemen are August Bartz, Albert Bartz, John Smith, Howard [Moore/Mose], Fred Jackett, Bill Nobel, and H.A. Lindwall.

Winnetka Fire Department ENG Lieutenant 1 badge that belonged to Harry John Madson, a firefighter who lived and worked in Winnetka. Circa 1920.

Emergency vehicles at the Winnetka Fire Department. Circa 1993.

Print of S.S. Beman remodel of Academy Hall into the fire station,. This was also known as the Chateau Fire Station.
From the Gazette article, A is for Academy Hall: “When the present Village Hall was built in 1925, S. S. Beman “magically transformed” Academy Hall into a French Revival-styled Fire Department Headquarters, affectionately known as “Le Chateau des Pompiers” (the firefighters’ castle). It stood until 1964, when it was demolished to make way for the new Public Safety Building.”

Winnetka Fire Department truck. Circa 1915.

Heavy blue wool dress uniform coat and vest from Winnetka Fire Department. The buttons are inscribed with “FD” to signify the fire department. This coat belonged to Herman Bucher, who was a member of the Fire Department for 25 years before retiring in 1955.

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