On Exhibit: The Seeker, by Winnetkan Pauline Dohn Rudolph at North Shore Community Bank through the Spring of 2022


The Seeker: I Sent My Soul Through the Invisible, 1897 will be on exhibit at North Shore Community Bank, 567 Lincoln Avenue, Winnetka through the spring of 2022.

The Seeker: I Sent My Soul Through the Invisible
by Pauline Dohn Rudolph, 1897.

About the Painting

This painting was donated to the Winnetka Historical Society in 2021 by the M. Christine Schwartz Collection which aims to preserve Chicagoland art and expand its audience. It was exhibited in the Art Institute of Chicago’s 1899 annual show of work by Chicago artists, where it received “a position of honor” and abundant attention from reviewers.

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Portrait of Pauline Dohn Rudolph
by Alice Boughton, c. 1925.

About the Artist

Pauline Dohn Rudolph was born in Chicago in 1865. At 13 years old, she finished high school and started her career as a student at the Art Institute of Chicago. A few years later, she made history when she exhibited an oil painting in the Fine Arts Palace at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition.

In 1901, the Chicago Tribune referred to her as “one of the best-known of the women artists of the West.” In 1907, she and her husband moved to Winnetka, purchasing a home at 745 Sheridan Road where they raised three children. She passed away in 1934 in southern California.  

Portrait of a Young Woman in a Chinese Robe by Pauline Dohn Rudolph, 1901

The Winnetka Historical Society is also home to Pauline Dohn Rudolph’s Portrait of a Young Woman in a Chinese Robe. Visitors are welcome to view this painting exhibited at the Winnetka Historical Society, 411 Linden St., Winnetka. Open Tuesdays & Thursdays 1-4 pm.