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  • Donate Today

    Your donation will help the Winnetka Historical Society preserve our collections, maintain our facilities (Schmidt-Burnham Log House and Museum/Research Center at 411 Linden) and develop relevant and engaging programs.  

    The Winnetka Historical Society is a public nonprofit charity recognized as tax exempt by the Internal Revenue Service under section 501(c)(3). 

    Donation Levels:

    • Benefactor: $1000+
    • Patron: $500-$999
    • Supporter: $250-$499
    • Neighbor: $100-$249
    • Friend: $25 up to $99

    Donations can be made “In Memory of” or “In Honor of” someone.

  • Become a Member

    In order to strengthen our community and increase civic pride the Winnetka Historical Society honors and preserves the village’s heritage, gathers and shares the artifacts and stories of its past, and fosters meaningful connections among Winnetkans and the broader community. 

      • Benefactor $1,000
      • Patron $500
      • Supporter $250
      • Neighbor $100
      • Member $50