Winnetka History Tour: Troop 20 Eagle Scout Project

By: Winnetkan, Alexander Orsic

Winnetka is a small village with a rich history. Take a drive, walk or hop on your bike to learn more about these ten interesting historic locations throughout Winnetka. Use the map to locate the sites and wherever you see a sign with a QR code, scan it with your phone to discover historic facts about each location. You can also click the links below to view each informative video.

Thank you to the Winnetka Historical Society for supporting this outdoor educational opportunity.


1. The Winnetka Historical Society: 411 Linden Street

3. Crow Island Woods: 1140 Willow Road

5. Station Park: 754 Elm Street

7. Hubbard Woods Park: 939 Old Green Bay Road

9. Village Hall: 510 Green Bay Road

2. The Schmidt-Burnham Log House: 1140 Willow Road

4. The Village Green: 525 Maple Street

6. Robert E. Burke Park: 265 Church Street

8. Bell Woods Park: 1380 Tower Road

10. Community House Winnetka: 620 Lincoln Avenue