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Winnetka Property Research

View the presentation by Dr. Meagan McChesney “Your Winnetka Home” to learn more about researching your house, business, or land use.

Download or print our guide to Winnetka’s historic architecture, Winnetka Landmarks. Presented in partnership with the village of Winnetka Landmarks Commission.

Reference document with information on architects Ernest Alfred Mayo and Peter Brierley and their firm Mayo & Mayo Architects.

Online Collections Database

Past Perfect Online

Telephone Directories & Other Address Resources

1900 – Village of Winnetka Directory 

1902 – Village of Winnetka Directory 

1904 – Village of Winnetka Directory 

1909-1910 – Telephone Directory – Village of Winnetka section

1912 – Winnetka General Directory

1917, July – Telephone Directory – North Shore District, Chicago Telephone Company, Bell

1920-1921 – Village of Winnetka General Telephone Directory

1925, December – Telephone Directory of Winnetka

1926, December – Telephone Directory of Winnetka, Illinois Bell Telephone Company

1929 – Winnetka Directory 

1933 – Winnetka Directory 

1934 – Cook County Property Assessments for Winnetka (with addresses and owner names)

1935 – Polk’s Directory of Householders

1937 – Polk’s Directory of Householders 

1939 – Polk’s Directory of Householders, Occupants of Office Buildings and Other Business Places, Including a Complete Street and Avenue Guide (includes reverse directory)

1942   – April 1942 directory 

1944  – North Shore Telephone Directory (white pages only)

1954 – North Suburban Street Address Directory 

1956 – North Suburban Street Address Directory 

1969– Local Telephone Directory 

1975 – North Shore Directory 

Plan of Winnetka – 1921

Full copy of Edward Bennett’s 1921 Plan of Winnetka as well as the the two color maps included in the plan.
Plan of Winnetka
Lakefront Plan Map
Rail Plan Map


History of the Rail Line Exhibit part 1
History of the Rail Line Exhibit part 2

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