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We are committed to collecting, preserving, and sharing our unique history. Help us fulfill our mission and document this challenging time by sharing your and your family’s experiences, photos, and stories.


    • Photos of a neighborhood sign or sidewalk drawing
    • Acts of kindness
    • Favorite family game, snack, or most watched video
    • Strategies for “Sheltering in Place” 

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Recreate Winnetka’s Historic Paintings Using “Found” Objects! 

1. Select a painting from the Winnetka Historical Society’s collection from the gallery below.

2. Use any objects, materials, people, or pets in or around your home to recreate the work.

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Oil painting portrait of Captain Shubael Hawes (1802-1856). Captain Shubael Hawes captained numerous whaling expeditions roughly between 1828 and 1850. This painting was found in the attic of 454 Sheridan Rd. (now 485 Cherry Street) when the home was purchased by Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Huff from Dr. and Mrs. Louis Sauer. Donated by Helen L. Huff.