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Anita Willets Burnham

Gazette Article by: Robyn DeKoven Grossberg Appeared in the Gazette: June 1999 “Doing what can’t be done is the glory of living.” With that gently defiant introduction, Anita Willets-Burnham sweeps her readers away on a whirlwind journey through the pages of her family’s travelogue in book form, Round the World on a Penny. First published […]

Olive Beaupre Miller

Gazette Article by: Joan Evanich Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 1997 Are you a “Bookhouse baby”? Thousands of Americans born in the first half of this century can enthusiastically answer, “Yes!” The publishing company, The Bookhouse for Children, was the brainchild of Winnetka resident, author, and editor Olive Beaupre Miller. She created a collection of […]