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The Winnetka Community House

Gazette Article by: Ceilanne Libber Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 2001 *90 YEARS YOUNG: The Winnetka Community House Does NOT Act Its Age* Walk through the doors of the Community House and the sounds of stagecraft for the next theatre production nearly muffle the clink of tableware being set for an evening reception. You may […]

Costumed children outside the Community House, circa 1915

“C” is for Community House

Gazette Article by Trish Early, Winter 1995 Although officially known as Winnetka Community House, this institution has been lovingly referred to simply as “Community House” for 84 years. In fact this shortened version was the original name proposed by the Rev. J. W. F. Davies, its founder, a month prior to its dedication on November […]

1938 girls swimming

Summer of ’44: A Local Story

Gazette Article by Nan Greenough Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 2011 Dramatic World War II stories from the battlefront understandably obscure the quieter tales on the home front. Yet nearly everyone within our country’s borders experienced the war effort though ration cards, recycling requirements, and product scarcity. Labor shortages in manufacturing made jobs outside the […]

Loosen Your Corset Opening

Loosen Your Corset, Roll Up Your Sleeves

The physical exhibit is closed, but its online counterpart is always open!  http://progressivewinnetka.wordpress.com/ Loosen Your Corset, Roll Up Your Sleeves: The Progressive Era in Winnetka: 1890-1920 examines the transformation of a sleepy rural village into a forward-looking, modern suburb. Running parallel to these changes were severe social dislocations across the country as impoverished populations, from […]

The Origins of the Winnetka Community House

What to do with Boys? The Origins of the Winnetka Community House Gazette Article by: Nan Greenough Appeared in the Gazette: Spring 2012 Boys—and what to do with them—were a major Winnetka issue in the early 1900s. The question had dogged the Village for years, with no good solution. Regularly, articles in The Messenger (the […]

Anita Willets Burnham

Gazette Article by: Robyn DeKoven Grossberg Appeared in the Gazette: June 1999 “Doing what can’t be done is the glory of living.” With that gently defiant introduction, Anita Willets-Burnham sweeps her readers away on a whirlwind journey through the pages of her family’s travelogue in book form, Round the World on a Penny. First published […]