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Tower Road’s Original Tower

Gazette Article by: Nan Greenough Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 1995 High on the bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan at the east end of Tower Road, a handsome 119-foot brick, octagonal tower, visible from many miles away, once identified Winnetka. Visitors to the tower cared little about the 46,000 gallon interior steel tank that provided water […]

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Early Streets

Article by Frank A. Windes Winnetka Village Engineer Reprinted from the Winnetka Talk March 8, 1930 Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 1995 During good weather, extensive repairs are made to streets throughout the village. As you navigate the obstacles and detours necessary for the maintenance of high-quality, modern streets, remember what our roads were like […]

“B” is for Burnham Log House

Gazette Article by: Trish Early Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 1995 Several years ago when the Minnesota Historical Society reopened its exhibit area, a unique approach was taken to interpret its history from “A to Z.” Various objects and topics were depicted by “letters,” and visitors moved through the gallery “alphabetically.” The editorial board of […]

Arrowheads discovered near the present-day Indian Hill Club.

Indian Hill: History and Legend

Gazette Article by: Barbara Sholl Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 1995 The name “Indian Hill” refers to the southeast corner of the village, reminding us of Winnetka’s earliest residents. Church Road, a “high” road which follows an ancient sand ridge deposited during the last Ice Age 12,000 years ago, runs through the area. Today known […]

Winnetka Way: Joan Moreland

Gazette Article by: Joan L. Moreland – Executive Director, Winnetka Chamber of Commerce Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 1995 Winnetka Way articles are written by guest columnists who have been asked to share their memories of an aspect of Winnetka that they remember fondly. Winnetka Way articles debuted in 1994 and continue to the present. […]

Image of Eliot Porter at work, 1991. Credit New Mexico Magazine.

Eliot Porter

Gazette Article by: Barbara Joyce Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 1995 Eliot Porter: Winnetka Native-born Nature Photographer “…From my experience it appears highly desirable to order one’s life in accord with inner yearnings no matter how impractical they may seem.”  Eliot Porter Eliot Porter earned an M.D. at Harvard Medical School and taught biochemistry for […]

Sam Fell in Chicago in 1910, copyright WHS, all rights reserved.

The Fell Company

Gazette Article by: Glenn Kohlmeyer Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 1995 (Edited by Mary Trieschmann, August 2020) Taking Good Care of the Customer for Over 80 Years The Fell Company was a Winnetka fixture for 80 years. The company was founded by Sam Fell, who immigrated from Russia to the U.S. in 1908. Fell first […]

Potawatomi Tree: Early Meeting Place

Gazette Article by: Tom Hermes Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 1995 In the history of the North Shore, one of the most interesting natural landmarks was the Potawatomi, or Council tree. This tree, situated on a farm near the corner of Hibbard and Glenview Roads, was said to be the meeting place of Indians for […]