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Lakefront Issues – Present and Future

Gazette Article by: Charles W. Shabica, Ph.D. Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 1999 Living on the Illinois shore of Lake Michigan in a community like Winnetka has great advantages tempered by a few – but important – problems. Since the mid-to-late 19th century, scientists and engineers have faced the challenge of balancing the need for […]

645 Sheridan Road

Gazette Article by: Cindy Fuller Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 1999 A turn-of-the century classic The house at 645 Sheridan Road is a stately, gracious reminder of lakefront living from the turn of the century. Constructed in about 1902, its Classical Revival proportions and details reflect a grand lifestyle enjoyed by many of its owners. […]

Dwight and Larry Perkins: Architects for Winnetka’s Schools

Gazette Article by: Connie Heaton Goddard Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 1999 That Crow Island School, with its slender chimney and off-center clock, draws attention from students of architecture worldwide is well-known. Of equal renown were the father and son pair of architects who were chiefly responsible for the school’s distinguished design and compatibility with […]

Winnetka Way: West of the Tracks

Gazette Article by: Dave Anderson Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 1999 Winnetka Way articles are written by guest columnists who have been asked to share their memories of an aspect of Winnetka that they remember fondly. Winnetka Way articles debuted in 1994 and continue to the present. Johnny Foukal. And Rosemary. We miss them. Twenty-six […]

Winnetka Community Nursery School

Gazette Article by: Marsha Engle-Reinecke Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 1999 Responding to needs of children and community The year was 1943, and Winnetka women – like their counterparts throughout the U.S. – were eager to participate in the war effort. Since domestic help was nearly impossible to obtain, childcare was a pressing issue. A […]