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“Z” is for Zed – The End

Gazette Article by: Bean Carroll Appeared in the Gazette: Fall/Winter 2003 Several years ago when the Minnesota Historical Society reopened its exhibit area, a unique approach was taken to interpret its history from “A to Z.” Various objects and topics were depicted by “letters,” and visitors moved through the gallery “alphabetically.” The editorial board of […]

Painting by Pauline Dohn Rudolph, 1901

Pauline Dohn Rudolph: Winnetkan and National Artist

Gazette Article by Maura Rogan, Fall/Winter 2005 Updated July 2022 The arts were in her blood. Pauline Amalie Dohn was born in Chicago in 1865 to Adolf W. and Pauline Dohn. Adolf, who immigrated to Chicago from Germany in 1853, was the first conductor of the Apollo Musical Club in Chicago and an organist for […]

The Changing Landscape of Winnetka

Gazette Article by: Bean Carroll Appeared in the Gazette: Fall/Winter 2005 The Early Settlers In the first article of this series (Fall/Winter 2004), we discussed the landscape that existed on the North Shore before the area was settled. As the first pioneers moved in, they brought with them their traditions and possessions. As has been […]

Winnetka Way: Gordon Smith

Gazette Article by: Gordon Smith Appeared in the Gazette: Fall/Winter 2005 Remembering Some Seventy Years Back Winnetka Way articles are written by guest columnists who have been asked to share their memories of an aspect of Winnetka that they remember fondly. Winnetka Way articles debuted in 1994 and continue to the present. I was born […]

Winnetka’s “North Shore Line” Electric Inter-urban Service

Gazette Article by: James A. Sprowl Appeared in the Gazette: Fall/Winter 2005 Fifty years ago, an inter-urban, electrified railroad known as the Chicago, North Shore, and Milwaukee Railroad (the “North Shore Line”) ran its last trains through Winnetka. The North Shore Line had begun regular service through Winnetka, traveling between Evanston and Waukegan, in 1899. […]