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Dennehy house_bw

Before Forest Glen – The Dennehy Estate

By Tane Beecham Someone out for a stroll through Hubbard Woods in the early 1900s would have observed many new homes going up as the area became increasingly populated with family-sized houses on manageable lots. One would also have taken note of a very large 10-acre wooded plot of land on the north side of Tower […]

A Unique Architectural Gem in Forest Glen

Gazette Article by: Susan Curry Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 2004 Winnetkans will tell you that their Village is special, but the neighbors in Forest Glen feel they live at the heart of the matter. Every good thing about Winnetka seems magnified in this private, leafy enclave. Occupants will point with pride to the diversity […]

Winnetka Neighborhoods: Forest Glen

Gazette Article by: Nancy Elmer, Audrey Loewenthal and Penny Pirsein Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 2004 Forest Glen is a unique community within the larger community of Winnetka. It includes 57 houses, all two-story, and almost all colonial in style. The entrances at Forest Glen East and West are defined by pillars, and the approximately […]