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“G” is for Green Bay Trail

Gazette Article by: Laurie Starrett Appeared in the Gazette: Winter 1996 Several years ago when the Minnesota Historical Society reopened its exhibit area, a unique approach was taken to interpret its history from “A to Z.” Various objects and topics were depicted by “letters,” and visitors moved through the gallery “alphabetically.” The editorial board of […]

The last remaining Indian Trail Tree in Winnetka, now gone.

Trail Marker Trees — What’s Old is New

Appeared in the Gazette: Spring 2010 (Updated 9-2020) Have you ever thought about a Winnetka before navigation systems, MapQuest, street signs, paved roads, brick roads, dirt roads or any roads at all? When the area we call Winnetka had nothing but footpaths, how did the inhabitants know where to turn for medicinal plants, ceremonial sites […]