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John Nash Ott

Preserving the John Nash Ott Time-Lapse Collection

by Karissa Kessen Photographer. Inventor. Cinematographer. TV Show Host. Optics researcher. These are just a few of the titles Dr. John Nash Ott, a native Winnetkan, held during his lifetime. Born in 1909, Ott was intrigued by time-lapse photography and botany from a young age. Although Ott continued in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps by […]

Dr. John Nash Ott

Gazette Article by: Beth Anaclerio Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 2002 We have all seen the film, a flower blooming, wilting and dying; a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis; a pumpkin growing from a seed to a magical carriage. Time lapse photography allows our eyes to see in a few seconds an event that may […]

40 Woodley Road

Gazette Article by: Nan Greenough Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 2003 House of the Season: The Home and Studio of John Nash Ott If you turn down one of the many offshoots of the spaghetti-like maze that is Woodley Road, you may find yourself on a country lane that curves around to the right and […]