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George Higginson, Jr. House, WHS 2971

George Higginson, Jr. and the Making of Winnetka

Gazette Article by Duff Peterson Appeared in the Gazette: Spring 2011 Higginson Lane is a short street running at an angle between Sunset Road and Birch Street. It is named after George Higginson, Jr. (1864-1936), a prominent citizen of Winnetka in the early 20th century. Higginson was a member of the Village board from 1907-1911, […]

Loosen Your Corset Opening

Loosen Your Corset, Roll Up Your Sleeves

The physical exhibit is closed, but its online counterpart is always open!  http://progressivewinnetka.wordpress.com/ Loosen Your Corset, Roll Up Your Sleeves: The Progressive Era in Winnetka: 1890-1920 examines the transformation of a sleepy rural village into a forward-looking, modern suburb. Running parallel to these changes were severe social dislocations across the country as impoverished populations, from […]

How Progressive Education Came to Winnetka

Gazette Article by: Susan Crowe Whitcomb Appeared in the Gazette: Spring/Summer 2009 Winnetka’s educational landscape looked like that of many small towns in America g uring the middle of the 19th century. A one-room school house opened on October 1, 1859 at the southeast corner of Maple and Elm streets. The first teacher was paid […]