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Model of the Patterson (later Garland) Tavern, c. 1940.

The Story of Winnetka Spirits

Gazette Article by Becky Hurley Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 2011 Winnetka, like much of the North Shore, has a complicated history with drinking. Although the village was officially “dry” for most of its early years, research into the distant—and not so distant—past suggests that occasionally there may indeed have been a “Big Noise” coming […]

Winnetka Spirits Part 2

Winnetka Spirits Part 2: Blind Pigs, Roadhouses and Change Gazette Article by: Becky Hurley Appeared in the Gazette: Spring 2012 In our last issue we explored the early history of drinking in Winnetka, from the 1869 Village Charter banning the sale of “spirituous liquors” to the spirited support for Prohibition from Winnetka organizations and residents. […]