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Pioneer Past Still Present in Winnetka Schools

Gazette Article by: Bean Carroll Appeared in the Gazette: Spring/Summer 2000 Located on the lower level of Crow Island School is a room that is held fast in the memories of many Winnetka residents, young and old. If asked to recall their most memorable experience from their days in the Winnetka Public Schools, almost everyone […]

Winnetka Public Schools: 150 Years

Winnetka Public Schools: 150 Years

Gazette: Spring/Summer 2009 In recognition of the 150th Anniversary of District 36 A Brief Chronology of Winnetka Public Schools 1859 Winnetka’s first public school is organized as District #2, with a one-room schoolhouse at Maple and Elm streets. 1867 Another, larger school building (24’ x 36’) is erected on Walnut at Elm Street. 1869 Winnetka […]

The Dushkin Family

Dorothy and David Dushkin: Pioneers of Winnetka Music Education

Gazette Article by: Kaitlin A. Briggs, Ed. D. Appeared in the Gazette: Fall/Winter 2012 Kaitlin A. Briggs, Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Southern Maine, spent a week at WHS researching Dorothy Dushkin. Intrigued by Dushkin’s journals, she visited to explore the community that attracted the Dushkins in 1930. In 1990 a […]

Synder Family Swimmers

100 Years of New Trier High School Swimming and Diving

Gazette Article by Susan Crowe Whitcomb Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 2011 New Trier High School has long been powerful in the pool. Both the girls’ and boys’ teams won the Illinois state swimming and diving championship this past season, giving both teams more state titles than any other high school. Celebrating 100 years of […]

How Progressive Education Came to Winnetka

Gazette Article by: Susan Crowe Whitcomb Appeared in the Gazette: Spring/Summer 2009 Winnetka’s educational landscape looked like that of many small towns in America g uring the middle of the 19th century. A one-room school house opened on October 1, 1859 at the southeast corner of Maple and Elm streets. The first teacher was paid […]

Sacred Heart School

Gazette Article by: Barbara Joyce Appeared in the Gazette: Winter 1998 For more than 95 years, Sacred Heart School has been an integral part of its parish. The founder and first pastor of the parish, Reverend Frederic J. Haarth, established the school in 1902. Construction of the school began as soon as the church and […]

Carleton W. Washburne

Gazette Article by: William Meuer & Jan Tubergen Appeared in the Gazette: In three installments in 1998 This is a three-part series on Carleton W. Washburne, renowned educator and Winnetka Superintendent of Schools from 1919 to 1943. Part I chronicles Washburne’s early life and career before arriving in Winnetka. Part II describes his innovative Winnetka […]

Olive Beaupre Miller

Gazette Article by: Joan Evanich Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 1997 Are you a “Bookhouse baby”? Thousands of Americans born in the first half of this century can enthusiastically answer, “Yes!” The publishing company, The Bookhouse for Children, was the brainchild of Winnetka resident, author, and editor Olive Beaupre Miller. She created a collection of […]

“J” is for Jungle Gym

Article is an Excerpt from a University of Chicago Master’s Thesis by Sheila Duran Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 1997 Several years ago when the Minnesota Historical Society reopened its exhibit area, a unique approach was taken to interpret its history from “A to Z.” Various objects and topics were depicted by “letters,” and visitors […]

WPA Mural at Skokie School

Gazette Article by: Juanita Nicholson Appeared in the Gazette: Summer 1996 The Skokie School is the location of a Works Progress Administration (WPA) mural that was never displayed because the 1934 School Board deemed it “communistic in character… sinister and threatening.” According to a school paper he wrote in 1982, Peter Wittleder—then a Washburne student—reported […]