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Winnetka’s “North Shore Line” Electric Inter-urban Service

Gazette Article by: James A. Sprowl Appeared in the Gazette: Fall/Winter 2005 Fifty years ago, an inter-urban, electrified railroad known as the Chicago, North Shore, and Milwaukee Railroad (the “North Shore Line”) ran its last trains through Winnetka. The North Shore Line had begun regular service through Winnetka, traveling between Evanston and Waukegan, in 1899. […]

David Plowden

Gazette Article by: Barbara Joyce Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 1996 “…Remembrance of Things Passing” Because our kinetic lives are filled with noise and color and confusion, the black and white still photograph provides the best way to see the world.  This is the opinion of David Plowden, photographer and writer of national distinction and […]

Why Does Our Train Run on the Wrong Track?

Why Does Our Train Run on the Wrong Track?

Gazette Article by: Tom Hermes Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 1996 There is no easy answer to the question, “Why does the Chicago & North Western Railroad run on the left track?” In fact, the entire original system is left-handed. Although it is the only one of its kind in the United States, no records […]