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“P” is for Power Plant

Gazette Article by Laurie Starrett, Spring 1999 Updated 2022 The beginning of the twentieth century brought a wondrous innovation to the village of Winnetka: electricity. In 1900 the municipal electric plant was built, joining the waterworks at the foot of Tower Road. William Hadley, founder of the Hadley School for the Blind (now the Hadley Institute), […]

“U” is for Underground

Gazette Article by: Phil Hoza Appeared in the Gazette: Spring/Summer 2001 Clearly, the “U” word most applicable to Winnetka is not “Ugly.” One of the main reasons why that’s true is because so many of the necessary mechanical systems that make life here so comfortable exists “underground.” This was a city planning decision that can […]

History of Winnetka’s Telephone Service

Gazette Article by: Richard L. Mathias Appeared in the Gazette: Fall/Winter 2002 Telephone service in Winnetka has a long and interesting history. In 1885, 32 years after Mr. And Mrs. Charles E. Peck settled in the area which later became the Village of Winnetka, the Chicago Telephone Directory showed that telephone service was available at […]

The Winnetka Power Plant at Tower Road c. 1933.

Champs for Amps: The History of Winnetka Power

Gazette Article by Helen Weaver, Fall 2011 Updated 2023 In the summer of 2022, many of our friends and neighbors in Northfield, Glencoe, and Wilmette were clearing out their freezers and running long extension cords through their neighbors’ yards for days after a series of destructive storms. Yet, in Winnetka, no one went more than […]