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270 Scott Avenue

Gazette Article by: Cindy Fuller Appeared in the Gazette: Summer 1997 House of the Season: An American Gothic in Winnetka A picturesque Victorian Gothic at 270 Scott Avenue is a reminder of life in Winnetka in the late 1800s before the village became a commuter suburb. A pastoral, rural atmosphere prevailed—a wonderful setting for an […]

Advertisement for Thomas and Zel Windes' real estate business, 1893.

510 Ash Street: Victorian Gothic on the Move

Gazette Article by Cindy Fuller, Summer 1994 Updated 2022 By the time of Winnetka’s incorporation in March of 1869, population growth was steady and many new residents were building homes near the main business district. The house at 510 Ash Street provides a glimpse of Winnetka in these early days. It was originally built in the […]