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Winnetka plan map

1921 Plan of Winnetka: A Living Model for Village Development

Gazette Article by: Barbara Sholl Appeared in the Gazette: Winter 1996 In 1917 a 63-member Plan Commission was appointed by the Winnetka Village Council to study and make suggestions for a comprehensive plan of village development. The “Report of the Commission,” printed in 1921, was prepared by Edward H. Bennett of Chicago, a prominent figure […]

Making news in 1911

Appeared in the Gazette: Spring 1999 These excerpts from a Winnetka Village Council pamphlet offer some insights into the operation of a modern community, c. 1911: “A horse fire department can leave the Village Hall in one minute. Formerly a reward was offered to anyone in town who could first find a horse, run it […]

Champs for Amps: The History of Winnetka Power

Gazette Article by Helen Weaver Appeared in the Gazette: Fall 2011 While many of our friends and neighbors in Northfield, Glencoe, and Wilmette were clearing out their freezers and running long extension cords through their neighbors’ yards for days after this summer’s destructive storms in June and July, no one in Winnetka went more than […]