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830 Sheridan Road, 1897

“L” is for Lloyd

Gazette Article by Jan Tubergen, Spring 1998 Updated July 2022 The Henry Demarest Lloyd house at 830 Sheridan Road was the first building in Winnetka to be designated an historic landmark when it was added to the National Register in 1966. However, it is not the architecture that makes Lloyd House notable, but the historical importance […]


Charles Haag

Gazette Article by Stephanie Giordano, Spring/Summer 2007 Updated July 2022 The Historical Society’s 2007 acquisition of four works by Winnetka sculptor Charles Haag spurred research into his life and art. Haag’s local legacy includes an enigmatic sculpture on Sheridan Road, an unusual grave marker in Christ Church cemetery, and two intriguing houses. Charles Haag was […]