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The end of the WHS's long battle for a new home made headlines in the Winnetka Talk in December 2005.

2005: Winnetka Historical Society Finally Has Permanent Home

In October 2005, the Winnetka Historical Society at long last moved into its new headquarters at 411 Linden Street. The Winnetka Historical Society, though established in 1932, did not have a permanent home for its collections, offices and exhibits for almost three-quarters of a century. In the early days, the collections were stored in Society […]

Margaret B. Burrows

Gazette Article by: Chris Fullerton Appeared in the Gazette: Spring 1999 “Volunteer.” At the Winnetka Historical Society that term applies to many people who contribute to the organization’s mission. However, one volunteer —Margaret B. (Pat) Burrows—is unequaled in her dedication and long-standing commitment to the Society and its museum. A member of the Society since […]

“M” is for Museum

Gazette Article by: Laurie Starrett Appeared in the Gazette: Summer 1998 Several years ago when the Minnesota Historical Society reopened its exhibit area, a unique approach was taken to interpret its history from “A to Z.” Various objects and topics were depicted by “letters,” and visitors moved through the gallery “alphabetically.” The editorial board of […]

Contact 411: A Fitting Title

It’s very fitting that the address of the Winnetka Historical Society on Linden Ave. is 411. The Society is the place to visit (or contact) for information on the history and architecture of the Village. Thousands of documents, photographs, costumes, and three-dimensional artifacts tell the stories of the people, organizations and schools, businesses, houses of […]

Society Celebrates 65 Years

Gazette Article by Laurie Starrett Appeared in the Gazette: Summer 1997 Sixty-five years ago, in 1932, Dr. James O. Ely invited a small group of Winnetka “old-timers” to organize the Winnetka Historical Society. The group—whose annual dues were $1.00 per year per family—attracted immediate interest. According to founding member Frank Windes, membership was open to […]