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822 Bryant Avenue

Gazette Article by: Cindy Fuller Appeared in the Gazette: Winter 1994 House of the Season: House Speaks Clearly of Graceful Past They say the walls of a house speak. At 822 Bryant the walls speak clearly of a graceful march through the first 93 years of its life. Architecturally, 822 Bryant is considered a “shingle […]

Original Christ Church (formerly Garland Church)
building, 1898.

Winnetka’s First Church Site

  Gazette Article by Linda Corwin, Winter 1994 Updated November 16, 2021 A Wayside Tavern for the Weary: Site for Winnetka’s First Church A wayside tavern for weary pioneers on their long trek from New York to Wisconsin became Winnetka’s first church, Christ Church. When John and Susannah Garland and their eight children reached the […]

Sledding on Oak Street circa 1900

Past Times Pastimes… Let it snow

Gazette Article by: Eleanor Tippens Appeared in the Gazette: Winter 1994   Sledding down Oak Street hill? It seems unlikely in today’s car-filled world, but at the turn of the century, everyone got involved in the fun. Long-time residents recall fathers and grandfathers saying that with a good push at the top – and a […]

Winnetka Way: Barbara Joyce

Gazette Article by: Barbara Joyce Appeared in the Gazette: Winter 1994 Winnetka Way articles are written by guest columnists who have been asked to share their memories of an aspect of Winnetka that they remember fondly. Winnetka Way articles debuted in 1994 and continue to the present. Dancing the Watusi…No Necking In the days when […]

Eckart’s Hardware: Village’s oldest family business

Eckart’s Hardware: Village’s oldest family business

Gazette Article by: Jane Lord Appeared in the Gazette: Winter 1994 Three generations of Eckarts have made nuts and bolts their business in the east Elm Street hardware store that bears their name. It is Winnetka’s oldest continuing retailer. In 1881 founder Julius Frederick Eckart came to Chicago from Germany. Trained to do frescos, he […]