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The Big Snow of '67, WHS Object ID 1988.3002.06

Blizzard of ‘67

Gazette Article by: Laurie Starrett Appeared in the Gazette: Winter 1997 It began to snow on January 26, 1967, and continued for more than 24 hours. Catching Winnetkans by surprise, the storm eventually buried the village under a record-breaking 23 inches. It seemed so harmless when it started. Tom Hermes remembers, “At breakfast on Thursday […]

Max Meyer

Gazette Article by: Jane Lord Appeared in the Gazette: Winter 1997 Max Meyer: Civic Leader and Winnetka’s First Banker Few would have forecast in 1875 that 13-year-old Max Meyer, chore boy at Robert Moth’s general store, was destined to become one of Winnetka’s most outstanding business and civic leaders. The Meyer family immigrated from Putbus, […]

435 Willow Road

Gazette Article by: Cindy Fuller Appeared in the Gazette: Winter 1997 House of the Season Colonial Revival: A Winnetka Tale The house at 435 Willow Road was built during a period of rapid growth in the 1920s and 1930s. During the first three decades of this century, the population of Winnetka expanded from 3,500 to […]

“K” is for Kinney Store

Gazette Article by: Christine Fullerton Appeared in the Gazette: Winter 1997 Several years ago when the Minnesota Historical Society reopened its exhibit area, a unique approach was taken to interpret its history from “A to Z.” Various objects and topics were depicted by “letters,” and visitors moved through the gallery “alphabetically.” The editorial board of […]