WHS Preserves The Schmidt-Burnham Log House

The Schmidt-Burnham Log House moved to Crow Island Woods on May 6, 2003.


In 1941, Anita Willets-Burnham told the Winnetka Talk that she hoped the Log House would one day belong to the Winnetka Historical Society. In 2001, her daughter Ann honored her wish and donated the house in her will.

The Log House moving team on May 6, 2003. Left to right: Joan Evanich, Nancy Judge, Ken Behles, and Louise Holland

A steadfast team of Winnetka Historical Society members, spearheaded by Joan Evanich, took on the difficult tasks of moving it to Crow Island Woods and restoring it. Restoration efforts lasted from 2003 until 2006, when it opened to the public.

In June 2005, the Schmidt-Burnham Log House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is now recognized as the oldest log structure in Cook County still in use.

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Gazette Article:
Schmidt-Burnham Log House Opens to PublicFall 2006

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