Winnetka Story Documentary

Winnetka Story is an award-winning, three-part documentary about the history of Winnetka and Chicago’s North Shore. Originally released in 2009, this version has been re-edited in HD with new aerial footage.

Part I provides a glimpse into the history of Chicago and its rapid growth, making it the fastest growing city on the planet during the latter half of the nineteenth century. As the population swelled, the city fanned out and cut into the dark forest that once shrouded the North Shore.

Part II focuses on the Great Chicago Fire, which left one-third of the city homeless. Many of these people moved to the North Shore, doubling the population overnight. Highlights include the contribution of Henry Demarest Lloyd, the Labor Movement, “Murder Town”, Recreation, New Trier High School and more.

Part III focuses on Winnetka’s expansion and the two major challenges it faced at the dawn of the twentieth century: the constant flooding in the Skokie to the west, and the many deaths at various railroad crossings. Twenty-Six-Year-Old village engineer, Frank Windes, set out to solve both these problems. In addition, city planning and infrastructure are highlighted.

Special Features include scenes from the Iroquois Theater Fire, Progressive Education and rare footage of Winnetka in the 1930s.