Winnetka Writers


Bill Martin Jr., c. 2000. Credit: Macmillan Publishers.

Cover image of Brown Bear Brown Bear by Bill Martin, Jr.

Bill Martin, Jr.

Did you know that famed children’s author Bill Martin, Jr. once served as principal of Crow Island School? Before earning international success with books like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, Martin lived and worked in Winnetka while earning his Ph.D. in education from Northwestern University. Learn more about Martin’s career and brief but significant time in Winnetka. READ HERE!

Image of Crow Island School, undated.

Henry Demarest Lloyd

Henry Demarest Lloyd was a well-known writer and reform advocate in the late 19th century whose theories of democratic self-governance and social welfare left a lasting mark on Winnetka’s village structure and civic life. Read more about Lloyd’s colorful career as one of the first muckraking journalists. CLICK HERE!

Henry Demarest Lloyd at his desk at 830 Sheridan Road, c. 1900.

Inside cover of Winnetka the Biography of a Village by Caroline Harnsberger.

You can purchase a copy of Caroline Thomas Harnsberger’s book about Winnetka on our website. CLICK HERE.

Caroline Thomas Harnsberger

Few Winnetka writers have published as many books as Caroline Thomas Harnsberger. While books like Everyone’s Mark Twain and Bernard Shaw helped her gain national success, she is perhaps best-known locally as the author of the 1977 book Winnetka: The Biography of a Village. Learn more about Harnsberger’s impressive writing career. READ HERE!

Caroline Harnsberger pictured on the back cover of her popular book Everyone’s Mark Twain, 1972.

Carleton Washburne

Carleton W. Washburne was a world-famous, progressive educator who played a major role in the history of education in Winnetka. A host of early school experiences, personal beliefs, and family values shaped his educational philosophy. Learn more about Washburne’s early life, his career as an educational writer, and the lasting impact his progressive ideas have had on education in Winnetka. CLICK HERE!

Portrait of Carleton Washburne, c. 1945 (left). Copy of Washburne’s book belonging to Ann Burnham (right).

Elisa Bialk books.

Elisa Bialk

Elisa Bialk Krautter, known professionally as Elisa Bialk, was a high school student in Chicago when her first pieces were published in newspapers and magazines. As she honed her skills, she increasingly published work in magazines like McCall’s and Good Housekeeping. Once of her most successful stories, The Sainted Sisters, was made into a movie in 1948. Bialk continued to write throughout her life, later focusing on novels for children and young adults. Learn more about Bialk’s life and time in Winnetka. READ HERE!

Elisa Bialk at an event in Winnetka, c. 1960s.

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