Winnetka’s Historic Churches and Faith-Based Groups


Churches of the 19th Century

Original Christ Church (formerly Garland Church) building, 1885. This building was constructed in 1869 at 784 Sheridan. It was moved to Elm Street in 1904 and later occupied by the Winnetka Bible Church.

In 1869, Winnetka’s first church, Garland Church (later renamed Christ Church), was founded. By the end of the 19th century, the Village had three additional churches: First Scandinavian Church (later renamed Winnetka Bible Church), Winnetka Congregational Church, and Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

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Churches of the 20th Century

First Church of Christ Scientist, c. 1937. This was the first church founded in Winnetka in the 20th century. This building, located at 440 Ridge, was designed by Spencer S. Beman and is now occupied by Grace Presbyterian Church.

Although Winnetka had several churches by the close of the 19th century, parishioners of various faiths continued looking for new places to worship. Winnetkans developed several additional places to worship, including First Church of Christ, Scientist, Saints Faith, Hope and Charity Catholic Church, Winnetka Presbyterian Church, Congregation Hakafa, and the Lake Shore Unitarian Society.

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