Winnetka’s Long-term Businesses


Fell & Co., c. 1980s

Outfitting Winnetka: The History of the Fell Company

The Fell Company, founded by Russian immigrant Sam Fell, first opened its doors in 1913 in Highland Park. After several successful years, the company expanded, opening its first Winnetka location at 811 Elm Street in 1927. Fell & Co. went on to have an incredibly successful run in Winnetka, remaining open until 2007. Read more about the Fell family and this historic clothing company. Read HERE! 


Bratschi Plumbing advertisement card, 1963

Bratschi Plumbing: Serving Winnetka for Generations

Like several historic Winnetka businesses, Bratschi Plumbing first opened during the Great Depression. Thanks to the hard work and business savvy of the Bratschi and Hoza family, it has remained a staple in Winnetka ever since. Read more about the families who made this business’s success possible. Learn more HERE!


Runnfeldt & Belmont employees outside the station in 1949.

Runnfeldt & Belmont

The Runnfeldt & Belmont service station, owned by friends Frank Belmont and Mim Runnfeldt, opened on the site of the old Braun Brothers Station in 1936. While opening a service station during the Great Depression was risky, it paid off. The station not only survived but thrived for the next 60 years. Read more about the history of the service station and the people who owned it. Click HERE!

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Interior of the Sweet Shop, c. 1940

Photo Gallery – Winnetka’s Long-term Businesses

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Business Success Stories

For a small Village, Winnetka has been home to several long-term, successful businesses. From the historic Eckart’s Hardware to the service-focused Bratschi Plumbing, learn more about some of Winnetka’s long-lasting businesses. Click HERE!

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