Winnetka’s Shoreline

History of Winnetka’s Shoreline
Winnetka’s beaches are some of the most beautiful on the North Shore. For decades, however, our beaches have become increasingly at risk due to climate change, development, and erosion. Learn more about the history of Winnetka’s popular shoreline and what’s being done to save our Village’s beautiful beaches. Click Here!

Winnetka Power Station, circa 1933

Winnetka’s Power Plant
For 120 years, Winnetka’s Power Station has been as much a part of the iconic shoreline as the sandy beaches or clear waters of Lake Michigan. Unlike most communities on the North Shore, the looming towers of the Power Station have enabled Winnetka to provide its own power since 1900. Read Helen Weaver’s article on the history and development of the Power Station and its significance for Winnetka residents over time. Learn More!

Sunbathers at Lloyd Beach, circa 1975

Winnetka’s Beaches Today: View current photos and up-to-date information on Winnetka’s beaches. View Here! 

Learn what measures the Winnetka Park District is taking to stabilize the shoreline at Lloyd Beach. Watch Here!

Winnetka’s Waterfront 2030 Plan
Winnetka is committed to both saving and restoring the Village’s many beautiful beaches. Look through the Park District’s 2030 Waterfront Plan to learn more about the plans for the shoreline. Read Here! 

Photo Gallery: Scroll through the photo gallery to see a selection of images from our collection of Winnetka’s waterfront areas. View Here!


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