The Museum at 411 Linden Street has two exhibit galleries and one executive board room with a curated portrait gallery and occasional rotating mini-exhibits. Currently on display at 411 Linden:

Permanent Exhibit

Creating Community: A History of Winnetka

Explore the history of Winnetka from Indian settlements to today: Tracking the Green Bay Trail, Trails to Rails, Envisioning a Village, A Progressive Tradition, Building Neighborhoods, Where Community Happens, and Common Ground.


Annual Exhibit

Winnetka Goes to War: 1917 to 1918

Winnetka Goes To War: 1917-1918 tells the stories of Winnetkans, soldiers and citizens alike, living through a time of dramatic change brought on by WWI.  Through photographs, artifacts, and their own words, this exhibit explores the many ways in which the war impacted the people of Winnetka.

Coming Soon

Winnetka Treasures: 15 Decades, 15 Objects

Opening Fall 2019. Find out more and learn about loaning your artifacts!