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Winnetka Treasures: 15 Decades, 15 Objects

Opening Saturday, November 16, 2019

Member Preview Thursday, November 14

The Museum at 411 Linden Street has two exhibit galleries and one executive board room with a curated portrait gallery and occasional rotating mini-exhibits. Currently on display at 411 Linden:

Permanent Exhibit

Creating Community: A History of Winnetka

Explore the history of Winnetka from Indian settlements to today: Tracking the Green Bay Trail, Trails to Rails, Envisioning a Village, A Progressive Tradition, Building Neighborhoods, Where Community Happens, and Common Ground.


Annual Exhibit

Winnetka Goes to War: 1917 to 1918

closing July 10, 2019

Your last chance to see this exhibit will be July 9, 2019 from 1-4pm!

Winnetka Goes To War: 1917-1918 tells the stories of Winnetkans, soldiers and citizens alike, living through a time of dramatic change brought on by WWI.  Through photographs, artifacts, and their own words, this exhibit explores the many ways in which the war impacted the people of Winnetka.